Things settling back down

Things are finally settling back down after a crazy week. Running "hither thither and yon" is definitely a tiring way of life!

Thought I would share a few photos from the wake for Gramma Hawley...

Ya gotta love men in uniform huh! Between firefighters, National Guard, the US Army and Military School, the boys are lookin fine!

The King and his cousin A. Can't ya feel the luv?

As time marches on, it has become increasingly more difficult to catch this crew together in one place! What a good looking family I have huh!

And of course, there is nothing better than a young buck being schooled by his Uncle. The young wrestler learned that a 42 year old man still has a few MMA (mixed martial arts) tricks up his sleeve! Way to go Uncle T!
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Carol P. said...

Love these pics! Thanks for posting them!

meh said...

What a good lookin' bunch of people! Don't know which I love more - the men in uniform or the adorable kids. Much to be proud of!