And so it ends!

And so the long weekend ends - fun, tiring, and enjoyable nonetheless!

Extremely tired, but thought I would upload a few pics of the day - captions (and more pics) to follow later.

The King, the Cadet and the Cousin C goin for a ride on the water bike. (Thanks H and C for takin him - even if you did only go out far enough to get the pic and then came right back in!!)

Here is the waterbug!
Seriously - he would have played in the sand bar next to the dock for the entire day if we hadn't made him get out of the water (there was a pop-up "Hurricane" that lasted about twenty minutes or so - somebody was devastated to have to exit the water as the lightning flashed all around him!)

Yeah buddy - ski-doos! One king thought those were pretty cool! (Another pic to come when Cousin G sends over the one he took of the King and his cousin Bri - as they flew by at about 40MPH - much to my chagrin!)

According to the King, you can't have a birthday party without Cake Momma! So....cake it is - and there is plenty left so stop on by!

Happy Birthday Cadet/Prince/Princess - can't believe ya made it to sixteen!


Carol P. said...

Woooohooo! Thanks for the pictures, and hope you sleep well tonight!

DF said...

Congrats to the Cadet on his 16th BD, n thanks for the Pics!