Didn't get....

I didn't get too much accomplished today in the "real world" although I did managed to get the proverbial BOATLOAD of laundry done and winter clothes separated out to be packed away. I have to tell you that I do miss my gi-nor-mous storage area back in Louisville in the old house - it would make the moving of the clothes quite the easy endeavor. Instead, it takes moving them to a rented storage area nearby. Sigh.

I did manage to get some exercise in though, for the first time in a loooooong time. The King, The Cadet, Mr. Oz and I wandered over to the pewl here on campus, and I managed to get about 400M under my belt using various strokes and the like. I used to swim a helluva lot farther, but I tell ya - it has been far toooooo long since I got this body movin! I also managed to shag some flies hit by the Cadet, and help the King do a little batting of his own - so I guess that counts as gettin it going too! (I am trying to kick start the ol ticker and metabolism to see if I can't shake the sluggish yucks I have been wading in of late.)

Oh wait, I also managed to get some drive time in with the Cadet, and make a tasty dinner of Hawaiian chicken, steamed sugar snap peas and rice pilaf, help a new blogger friend with how to create Mosaics in Picasa, and post it back to The Girl Next Door's Blog, and I am off to put away laundry and clean the kitchen after dinner.

So I guess when I say I didn't get too much accomplished in the real world today, I am lyin! Five full baskets of laundry at the laundromat to play catch-up, playing with the kids, throwin down some exercisin, cookin dinner, cleanin up the joint, putting away winter clothes, practice driving with the cadet - hmmm..what the heck else could I have fit in the day!

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