Final Pics from Yesterday

See...I told you I would put captions on the pics below!!

Just wanted to post two final pics from yesterday -

First up - the waterbug enjoying the grass on the sandbar, and "checking things out" as only a four year old can - with intensity.

Then there are the three cousins - heading off for a little ride on the sea-doo (or ski doo - or "give the mom of a four year old a heart attack" - you make the call!). Note the little teeny tiny head in between the two sixteen year olds - yup - that is the King! Upon exiting, he called up to me "Mom...that was totally awesome"! Or was it wicked. Either way, it was a hit!

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The Girl Next Door said...

love the pics - I cannot believe they are 16 this year!!!!! Egad weren't we just 16 yesterday?

Great captions, great shots, and love the monkey bit....