Fun Exercise

Over at The Girl Next Door's blog, she was detailing 25 things she likes about herself. Pretty interesting exercise, so I thought I would be a "joiner" with her and do the same. (Of course I had to be a little later in my posting of it - after all, I am younger than her). So - with a deep breath - here goes:

  1. I am smart - hard to admit this one, but I know I am. I have lots of "general knowledge", or as Mr. Oz says - I am a wealth of useless information. (Hey TGND, I would be happy to join your team for Trivial Pursuit, I kick butt!!) Did you know that the average depth of Lake Erie is 62 feet (18.8m)? Ya do now!

  2. I am very good in the kitchen when it comes to desserts and appetizers.

  3. I am a good mom - working towards great - but good works for right now!

  4. I am not afraid to admit that I suck at all things financial. But I am getting better!

  5. I am technically savvy! I can kick butt with a computer system - which ain't bad for a 41 year old!

  6. I am a good friend. I don't have millions of friends, but the ones I do know that they can always count on me.

  7. I have never met a stranger. I used to complain that my mom talked to everyone - and now I do it - pretty neat that you can meet so many interesting people!

  8. I love my Country - warts and all. I am proud of the men and women who serve it in any and all capacities. Military? Yup. Teachers? Yup. Corner Grocer? Yup.

  9. I am very creative. Okay, so that sentence wasn't, but I have designed marketing packages, new corporate logos, written countless presentations, created quilts and quilt designs - so - yeah.

  10. I write very well. (blogging aside - which is far more casual) I can turn a fairy tale into a legal document (no MEH, I am not practicing without a license lol!). As my MIL says, my writing crowns me the Queen of BS!

  11. I can laugh at myself most times. (Except PF CarolP - that just ain't funny to anybody - okay, maybe it is!)

  12. I love Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and most of all the Creator that gave us each of these things to teach our children to believe in something!

  13. I understand Health Insurance - and can help those around me really "get it".

  14. My EQ is off the charts. (Emotional Quotient - Emotional Intelligence). I read people well, and can help support their needs in any manner.

  15. I like my eyes. They aren't anything special - but they are very expressive, and the laugh lines around them were earned - each and every one of them.

  16. I (like TGND) can read fast. I have a library card and I am not afraid to use it!

  17. I can read multiple books at one time and keep the plot lines straight! Even between fiction, non-fiction and magazines.

  18. I recognize that I can't do it all - but it isn't going to stop me from trying!

  19. I have a penchant for all things Egyptian. Not that I own anything egypt-ey, but I just can't pass the history channel when they are talking about Tut, or Kufu, or any of the other amazing folks from the "Fourth Din-Ah-Sty". It's my weird way of being global.

  20. I can have a tough and brash exterior - but I can still cry at Kleenex and Coffee commercials. (Damn soldier coming home - little brother, don't wake Mom - the coffee will do the trick!)

  21. I know the value of a written letter - and try often to show my family and friends that I value them by putting pen to paper. This may go against my "like of me" in #5 above by being low tech, but if you tell me you don't get a thrill when you head to the mail box and see a piece of mail that isn't a bill - I will call you a liar - in WRITING - in your mailbox!

  22. Other people's parents like me. Okay, so do mine - but I think it speaks volumes when other folks say to my eldest and his friends "Oh - you are with H's mom? That's okay then"

  23. I am truly blessed in very many ways - I recognize it - and I know who to thank for it. And I do, quite often.

  24. I look younger than I really am. I have great genetics - and take after my mom in this one! Most of the kids at the School put me at early 30's. Yeah. Right. And I had H at 16 right?? Nope - 25 my friends!

  25. I don't always worry about "winning" - most times, the pursuit is all about having fun - winning is just a benefit!
How fun! Now how about you?????

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meh said...

AWESOME list. And your notes in the mailbox? I can attest to the fact that those notes MAKE MY DAY. I confess I have been carrying yours around for weeks saying I'm going to return the feeling, but don't hold your breath.

I love your list and can't wait to see you and all your boys soon I hope!