Heading into a busy one...

Isn't it funny how you can start out on Monday, gazing optimistically towards the end of the week and the glorious weekend without one. single. plan. on the horizon, but find yourself on Friday so jam packed that you look wistfully back towards that oh-so-long ago Monday? From Monday to Wednesday, I was looking forward to an absolutely glorious "nothing weekend". Here we are on Friday and two 1.5 each way drives are on tap - one Saturday and one Sunday.

I am not complaining (much!), plans mean good fun with good family (a Graduation party and an impromptu "Sweet Sixteen" party up at my SIL's lake cabin for one young Prince - planned almost entirely by my MIL), but I have to tell you - a Saturday Sunday Combo like this wears me out even just thinking about it! Maybe I am old - maybe I am just hitting a major wall physically, mentally and emotionally - but hey, Monday is only two days away right?

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