Of Life and Men

(So - did ya miss me? Awww, I know you did! LOL)

Life here has been moving at it usual frenetic pace. I have been working around 45 hours per week and for some unknown reason it, along with life, has been physically wiping me out - so hence I have been pretty silent on the blog front - apologies, we really are still here! Here is the quick thoughts version "since we last met"

  • Drove the B over to T-town on Sunday for Father's Day. Sadly, we didn't get too much time to spend with my Daddy, as the King had decided that his lack of nap was going to create boundless energy - at the end of a really long day. Too much for Grandpa and Grandma D - although they would never say it! Gotta say - it was a glorious ride over - the cadet and I bopping along with the top down jammin to the 80s Tunes on the Zune- 75+ degrees (sorry CarolP - June-uary seems to be done over here!) and sunny, with the open road in front of us. Of course, not being sure how the car would mechanically handle the 95 mile drive, Mr. Oz and the King followed us in the Van. The car was great - the van...well...when we got there we found a nail in the tire - so spent two hours of the day trying to find an open tire shop and getting the tire repaired. Fun Fun Fun!
  • Of course - on the nice nites - or when I need a "break" from the routine...I have been racking up the miles on the B!
  • The King has been enjoying his time off this summer with his Daddy! Of course, I think it took about three days for Mr. oz to realize that life can be a little "boring" at home. Thankfully, he has been cleaning for me and the like - and while it isn't the most exciting use of his day, it makes my life a little more fun.
  • The Cadet has begun looking at colleges. Pretty interesting process! Still can't believe he is a Junior this fall! Oh wait....can't believe he will be 16 on TUESDAY. He's killin me!
Enjoy the pics below from earlier in the week! And hey - let's not wait so long to get together.

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