Busy Busy Busy!

Of course life has been busy busy busy! You can tell from my lack of posting huh! Here is a quick, bullet point list, to play catchup:

  • The boyz are still out at camp - this is the last week. They will be home Friday afternoon, Then for a week, life will be "summertime" - at least for another week.

  • The king continues to crack me up - he has quite a wit about him. Recent exchange "Mom, why die?". "What do you mean honey"? "In a diet? Why die?" "Ummmm..giggle giggle". (Note, no one here is on a diet - so I am not sure where that came from!!). Or how about "Mom, do you get Oxy-Clean?". "Why King?" "Well, if you spill orange juice on your shirt, you can use Oxy Clean to get it off". "Did you spill orange juice on your shirt King?" "Uh-Huh - and we need oxy clean". (Too much television perhaps????? How does he even know about Oxy Clean??!!)

  • Work, over the past three months has become a real challenge. Not from a "work" perspective, but from a management perspective. More about that later, but suffice it to say that the RV industry is tough - and things can get ugly - which is not anything I am used to.

  • I need a vacation - but it doesn't look like one is coming anytime soon. With the end of camp - it heralds the start of school (within 2 weeks - the Soccer players report). Sigh. Life's routine is wearing me out - and change could definitely do me good - but I guess that will come in - oh say - 2010 maybe?????

That about sums up what is in the ol' brain right now.

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The Girl Next Door said...

Ok well now you have to tell us all 6 random things because I "randomed" you!!!! check out the blog. and take a break girl!