Back from CCU

There - that ought to get your heart beatin faster!. Yesterday a.m. I woke up with a random shoulder pain. It continued through the day, got worse (it was located under the blade, not on top - felt like rear lung pleurisy/pneumonia but it came on too fast), I started to have chest heaviness and a weird feeling in my left arm - so after a consult with my favorite nurse (My Mom-in-law) who informed Dr. Me (just like my dad) that this is where most women feel their heart attacks and heart issues, Mr. Oz ran me down to the hospital. Hey - I got to see a Dr. far faster than the Cadet EVER has for a break - of course - I guess heart symptoms are more serious eh??!!

The good news? No heart attack! The not-so-good (but not bad) news? They admitted me based on the shoulder pain and heaviness going away with Nitro and some atrial wonkiness they saw on the ECG. The weird thing was that my blood pressure was also elevated, and shot sky high (168/103) after they gave me the Nitro (which normally tanks blood pressure). Of course, they were able to quickly bring it down via an iv shot of some kind of med. Once the BP was down and the Nitro had dialated everything I felt much better. Of course, all of this put me in CCU (small regional hospital and I had to be wired for sound). Was released late this morning with a script to help raise my Good LDL Cholesterol (my "bad" cholesterol was good though - yea me!), a note to continue aspirin therapy (based on the atrial hole that I have), and an order for a Stress Test and and Echocardiogram early next week (which they will compare to the last one from a year an a half ago to make sure nothing has changed). They believe that whatever occurred was indeed heart related - but definitely no markers for a heart attack. Yea! YEA YEA YEA!

I am off to bed - slept most of today (since i got NO sleep last night with all the beeping, and blood letting, and such at the Hospital) - but still am kinda tired. (So sorry GND, I haven't done my random yet - but hey - this was pretty RANDOM!). Post more soon!

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