Back in the Saddle Again.....

Things here are about to get back to routine.

The first round of Cadets returns today, which means that Mr. Oz is back into barracks life. It also means that the King's "fends" return to the barracks - I think he is wayyyy more excited than the Cadet or Mr. Oz! The next round of cadets come in on Wednesday (new Cadets) and the final block come in next Saturday (returning Cadets). Then I can finally get back into the fall routine of keeping the household together vs. the summer routine of everything happening Willy Nilly and the house being trashed!

Of course, with the return, that means I have to get off my but and get the Cadet's stuff together to get him over into the barracks. Living here means I truly put it off until the last minute. Sigh. There is just too much else to do!

The King is also excited, as the new TAC officer for the girls company (Alpha) has moved in with a son (C) who is six. Both boys are very excited to have a friend so close in proximity (we can see each other's front doors just across the way), so there may be a fast friendship forming!

The results from my testing will be given to me on Tuesday, so will let you know what the doc says about the ol' heart. Sigh. The last thing hanging out there (other than getting the cadet's crap ready!).

And so the summer ends.

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