For my Niece J!

(Note to others - you can read...but...well WhatE!)

Hey J. Took a look at the ol' pic and post on Mom's blog today. Yeah - asking your Mom for fashion advice is like asking me for - well - math homework help. It just isn't helpful to you my dear one.

Since I am not around the Western half of the US, I thought I would remote in with some comments related to your fashion choices as to what goes with what. Take a look (and maybe even "Aunt" MEH or TGND (your mom knows who these names are!) could weigh in.) I am hoping that the gene you got from ME (rather than your hopelessly fashioNOTsta jean-wearing Mom) told you the same thing that I am about to show ya.

That being said (and shown!) - a three axis chart via Excel could help you add the accessories to the mix. Keep the faith my beautiful niece - you have an Aunt who is watching out for ya over here in the Midwest!

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