I take back some of the Copays MEH

Hey MEH. I think I need to pull back a copay or two from your column....because it appears that the Cadet has a congenital issue related to his right knee. Maybe.

The cadet's knee has been giving him fits on the soccer field (and on the ol' marching field too). He was experiencing swelling, and it almost appeared like his Osgood Schlaughters condition was maybe "acting up" with the requisite bump and the like.

I sent him off to his fave Ortho Doc today - and the doc indicated that his lower leg bones might be rotated "just so" (I wasn't there, so who the heck knows what "just so" means), causing a bad connection at the Ankle and Knee and causing the knee to dislocate/move around, and in the process - causing some destruction of the muscle, ligaments, and tendons around the knee. The Osgood "bump" that the Cadet and I figured was "proof positive that the O-S was back"? Oh..that would be one of his lower leg bones. Yeah. Nice.

More xrays are in order, but the Doc seemed (according to the Sixteen year old) to be pretty confident that this is at the root of the knee issues with the Cadet, and that his leg structure has been this way since birth. (I just think he is a weak-knee'ed lily liver - but what do I know?? LOL). If all is what the Doc believes, the Cadet has three options. 1. Stop playing any kind of sport - for.ev.er and life goes on until everything is destroyed to the point of a knee replacement in the distant future. 2. Play sports, play through the pain, until everything is destroyed to the point of a knee replacement in the nearer future. 3. Surgery involving something along the lines of dislocating his foot, dislocating his knee, and putting his tibia and fibula in anatomical alignment - fixing the tendon/muscle/cartilage mush then casting for 6 weeks, physical therapy for a period, and voila - knee and athletic life goes on. (Vote for #4 - that it is Osgood-Schlatters - yeah and a band below his knee will help - Sure. Like I have a medical degree huh!)

So back to the Issue - if it is a congenital type thingy - I think the knee copays need to come off the count total and I think that MEH and DF are tied. ("Congenital" Copays should only count if it is diagnosing him as a congenital goof ball - and I don't need no stinkin $20 copay to tell me that!!). What do y'all think?


DF said...

I am seeing some serious surgery in one cadet's future

meh said...

I think this stinks big time and I'm sorry to be even close to the co-pay championship.