A leaky kinda day!

So did you stop your heart awaiting word of what my stinkin heart was doing? Take some nitro and get the blood a flowin friends!

Did the post stress followup with the Doc. The outcome? Hey...my bloodpressure ROCKS. Without meds thank you very much! 92/72 - hmmmmmmm....Niiiice. Beyond that, the aortic hole is still alive and kickin (yeah - I knew it would be), and I have developed a leaky valve that there was no reference to in the previous echo I had two years ago.

Thankfully, the leak isn't too much of a concern right now. The Dr will do another Echocardiogram next year at this time to determine if it has worsened at all - so I left his office with a (relatively) clean bill of health.

Now - if I could just catch up on sleep, laundry, and the like - then life.would.be.good.

Nite all!


Carol P. said...

If you can figure out the secret of getting caught up on laundry and grocery shopping and life, clue the rest of us in on it, plz!

Meanwhile, I figure life is good anyway, even if I still have laundry to put away and floors to vacuum.

Glad the news was pretty calming!

dkuroiwa said...

I'm doing some "catch up" reading and just got here....so glad to know that your leaky ole' heart is not causing you any serious troubles!!

And really...if you ever find a way to stay on top of laundry and all that other what-not, let me know...because I'm thinking I just gave up and am happy with keeping it all from taking over the house!!!
take care of yourself!!