Okay - this one moved me to tears......

I love Casting Crowns - and whenever I am feelin "down", I often enjoy hearing this song - but this wins hands down as one of the best interpretations of the song. EVAH.

Thanks to the sister in family ties and in Him - (Alex - the other Mrs. Oz in the family,) for sending this along - she always seems to know EXACTLY what the heck I need - even before I need it. Okay My Sistah - did Somebody above say "hey - Mrs. Oz needs a smile, a tear, and an encouraging word?". (For all my other gentle readers it seems that one Spirit seems to like to chat between Ms. Alex and Me in some pretty wonderful ways - but more later).

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dkuroiwa said...

I must admit that I had never heard of that group or that song...but...what an incredible song!! Plus...the video...what they did was just beautiful!!
I have passed on that video to some friends...very moving...very nice to watch more than a couple times.
Thanks for sharing.