Schools Back!

All of the cadets have returned. Yea! Means that our schedule is back on track - Yippeeeeeeee Whoo Hoo! In fact, Capt Oz even has his first round of days off tomorrow and Friday! Can ya just stand it? I know that I can't! Twill be nice to have him home for a couple days (even though he is home every night)

Our Cadet has returned to school with a vengeance as a Platoon Sergeant, and is taking his most academically challenging path to date. His day is filled with the likes of Geometry (they do things backward from what I had to do relative to math - Alg I, then Alg II then Geometry vs. my Alg I, Geometry then Alg II), AP History, Physics (as a Junior-WTG cadet!), Economics, and the usual English, German III, etc.. Go Cadet Go! Aim high and blast through the roof!

The King is now officially in Pre-K, and is loving the structured environment and learning. Pre-K? When did the King become eligible for Pre-K! He loves his teacher Ms. Sarah, and is working hard at becoming a "Star Student" (we used to call that the "suck up kid in class" that gets to be the teacher helper for the day.) Good for him if he obtains that "honor" though. (Jaded much Mrs. Oz??!).

And so another year starts....

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