Is Soccery a Word?

The Cadet took the field tonight with his Varsity Team playing a crosstown rival. Sadly, they didn't win, but he had plenty of mid-field playing time and had a lot of fun running up and down the field.

He also put into play a few of his hockey skilz - ya gotta play the body sometimes huh!

After the varsity game, he then made a quick change to head out to play for the JV team as well. This time....Keeper!

He really did a great job - although the team lost the game 2-0. He let in one goal early in the game where he couldn't get the angle on the shooter due to a crowd of players around the net, and the second goal was a Penalty Kick.

The JV Team had played this team last week and lost 4-1, so a 2-0 loss is really impressive as he faced a boatload of shots.

Oh wait, let me tell you why this was even more impressive. This was his first time playing Keeper!

Had a few nice 1/2 field punts, stopped some incredible shots, and in general, frustrated the other team. His hockey skilz again saved him! (Angles, playing the ball vs. the player, setting up high in the crease, recognizing limitations and the like).

Way to Go Cadet Spark! Most impressive!

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Carol P. said...

Go Cadet, Go! And yes, I think hockey, soccer, lacross, water polo, etc. are the same game. So his mad hockey skillz should be good for all of 'em.

Speaking of which, maybe water polo is less hard on the ol' knees? I mean, it looks so innocent above the water, heh, heh.