Knees, Glorious Knees...

Yeah. So about that knee issue and the Cadet? Um - it isn't just his right knee - tis BOTH knees. Seems the knee caps are not in anatomical alignment with the rest of his leg - causing both of them to dislocate very easily. The merchant view xray's were quite interesting to look at, and even the King could look at the Xray and say "Hmmm....Not right". Here is a quick "rendering" of what is going on with the kid's knee (the dude in the corner shows how they take the xray - through the thigh, into the knee catching the lower leg as well).

Lather Rinse and Repeat for the left leg....just mirror image the pic above.

His options remain the same - stop playing altogether (although knees may dislocate with some frequency anyhoo), play any sport and continue to dislocate knees, or get surgery and correct both. Sigh. Am going to have another Ortho Doc take a look at the Xrays and give me his opinion, but it looks like one young cadet may be heading for some surgery at some point. Until then, he has been cleared to play sports - which makes him happy - and me - well...... not so much - but the Ortho Doc said "the "damage" was done when he was born - so...."

Will keep you posted as to what the 2nd doc says.