To go along with the Definition of the Veteran...

When SSgt. Rodgers passed away, the school did an impressive honor line to honor this brave and valiant soldier. All Cadets lined the Road where his Cortege would pass (en route to his former High School for a Military Service), and paid Homage to him by raising in a salute as the Hearse traveled past - and remaining in salute until the last car in the funeral procession passed. Not an easy feat for 140+ Cadets, given that the procession was over 200 cars. Furthermore, they had just stood at attention as the 200+ Patriot Riders (in town to protect the family from the Kansas protesters) had passed leading the procession.

The Cadets were impressive, and there was nary a dry eye along the road. Here are a few snaps...not many words though - other than a final thanks for writing that check Mr, Mrs., and Miss American Solder.

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Anonymous said...

The Howe Military School did a great job honoring Kris. Thank you! I'm not sure if you guys knew this or not but Kris grew up 1/2 mile away from the school. We went to elementary school across the street from the military school. He lived just North-East of the athletic field before he went to Fort Hood. We grew up watching the cadets practicing everything from sports to marches. It really meant a lot to my family that Howe Military School played such a huge role in his procession. Thank you! Rachel Wiard