Warning, this might make your teeth hurt....

This posting has the serious potential to cause cavities. I.am.not.kidding. Have you brushed your teeth today? More than once? Okay then, carry on at your own risk.

Somebody had his first soccer practice today. Much like my niece over at Casa DeDuckfeet, he has officially joined the world of bunch ball - er, I mean soccer!

He thoroughly enjoyed his practice, listening carefully to his coach, and performing all of the drills with dedication. Amazing to this mom - who genuinely believes this child has the well known hearing disorder known as "Fouryeariamnotlisteningtoyou" disease.

Now, I don't want to see any dental bills from the cavities of these sweet pictures! Enjoy!

(stupid Picasa - it glitched in posting the sweet pics of the little dude! Let's try this again!)


Carol P. said...

You were right! Another soccer cutie in the family!

Welcome to the club of people who take thousands of pictures of the backs of their kids' heads on the soccer field!

DF said...

Cute pict!

The Girl Next Door said...

O-M-G yeah I need a dentist asap!