It is going to be one of those days...

I can already tell that it is going to be one of "those" days. I have officially been up for 2 hours - and my day looks like this:

1. I didn't hear the alarm because I was in a deep sleep. Mr. Oz shook me as he walked by saying "are ya getting up?"....so not me! (Add 1 minute to the ol morning)
2. The dryer didn't seem to have the clothes that the King and I were planning on wearing this morning dry in time to get dressed immediately post shower. (Add 10 minutes)
3. I am out of freaking creamer so my coffee did me little good until I could hit the convenience store. (No milk in the house either)
4. The convenience store didn't have the King's favorite Lunchable (forgot to hit the supermarket last night)which put him into a fit - but it did have the creamer! YEA!
5. A dog was crossing the road up ahead of me in the commute causing the cars in front of me to slam on their brakes - mine didn't seem to want to stop in time - but I did manage to maneuver off the road before I smoked the guy in front of me - sorry about the grass in your front yard Mr. Amish person!
6. The slamming of the brakes caused my open purse to dump on the passenger side floor.
7. The slamming of the brakes caused my thermos/coffee pot to go flying - and open dumping on the floor on the passenger side.
8. Stopped to get McD's for the King to take to school for breakfast. Yeah - they forgot the "panacake" in his breakfast - another fit. Cuddle Cuddle - it'll be okay king - look there is sausage (his fav). They also forgot silverware - which I didn't realize until I hit the school - who has no silverware.
9. Picked up my purse contents (some soggy with the coffee that spilled), and realized the ol' cell phone is still at home - in the living room - where I chatted with my MIL yesterday.

I think I am going to hit the reset button and start all over - whaddya think??

As an aside - I got to laughing at my cousin's description of Michaels Craft store and its ability to take even the most un-crafty person and make them try again, only to find that "anything you attempt will come out looking like a boathouse in New Orleans post-Katrina". Thanks for the laugh - I needed it this morning!


Carol P. said...

If you find the reset button, please let me know. There are definitely days where I could use it! Hmmmmm, the word verification word is vhhbipux, which I mentally pronounce vibbi-pucks. Again, it might not be a real word, but it has great potential as a kid-safe expletive....

Hope your day got better....

Carol P. said...

PS: Belated happy birthday!!!