The "Ride"

The Pumpkin Train takes off out of the old Coldwater Passenger Depot. (Look "carefully" and you will see the King! in teh doorway!).

Here is the King trying to decide which rail car to sit in. A pullman, a private observation car, an open stock car, combine pullman/half baggage car? What to do, what to do! Let's start in the Combine Pullman heavyweight coach/baggage car (it weighs 83 tons).

Nah....Open Stock Car it is!

Wait - how about a 1925 "Solomon" private Observation Car?

Okay - a high speed parlor long distance car.

Back into the Combine Car....yea...that will allow us to see the best fall colors! (Most of the pix below were taken on the combine car)

Yea, we moved around a lot! On the ride out to Quincy - the King enjoyed the scenery from the Rolling Stock Car and on the way back, it was the Combine. Big fun!
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