Yeah Yeah Yeah....

Okay, so it has been awhile (Even my hubby has said that!)! Apologies!

In the past two weeks....um...let's see....

  • I visited Toledo for a short time last Saturday. Unfortunately, it was getting late and I didn't get the chance to stop and see my Dad (who was at 4:30 mass). Bummer since it was the day before my birthday!
  • I turned 42 on Sunday!
  • I laid off several folks at work - which now means I am not only the Chief, but the indian over Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Reception, and HR. Niiiiiice.
  • The King took his first school field trip to the apple orchard. Had a ball - but enjoyed the lunch at McD's even more. (Isn't that typical).
Well - the list is short - but the craziness of the two weeks was long! Sigh. Words just don't do it justice!

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Carol P. said...

Sheesh, it has been a pretty busy week, hasn't it? Hang in there, and happy 42!