Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready to head out over the river and through the woods (and across the Indiana Toll Road), but thought I would pass along my thanksgiving wishes to you all. May your day be filled with good food, great family, and loads of fun

Oh...and if you happen to be by Mr. Oz's family's thanksgiving, stop by for some Tomato Pesto Red Pepper Pinwheels....

Or perhaps some Orange Chocolate Marscapone Pie....
Or even some Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Pita and some cheesy onion garlic bread. (I guess I should have been italian huh! Maybe in my former life).

Oh, and the traditional turkey or pumpkin pie!!

(Side note to my big sis - Flat E arrived safely, and will begin her adventures shortly!)
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Carol P. said...

Looks yummy, especially the pie! Can you send/post the recipe for the pinwheels and the pie? Mmmmm! Just remember to draw the blinds if you make spaghetti, so the neighbors won't guess you're Italian!

Glad to hear Flat E arrived!

The Girl Next Door said...

Holy cow - food that LOOKS as good as I'm sure it tastes. I am happy if it just tastes good. Sigh. Hope you had a great holiday!