He's 2-0 for 08/09

The Cadet began his wrestling season last night and came out of it with a 2-0 start! He is wrestling 130lbs (which is a tough weight class!) and made weight with 3 lbs to spare. He was concerned earlier in the week because he was sitting at 131-133 -and while he was dropping down during and after wrestling practice to the range he needed to be, he kept creeping back up throughout the day. (Don't get me started on weights my friends).

His first match was a forfeit as their 130 didn't make weight. Put a score in the Cadet's column!

His second match was an exhibition against their 152 pounder who weighed in at 147. Yup - in wrestling terms - that is a HUGE weight difference. The Cadet wrestled smart, strong, and awesome (I don't think I had ever seen him perform so many suplexes in a match - even at his own weight classes). He looked like an experienced high school varsity wrestler - and his coach, teammates, father and I were MOST impressed.

Here are few pics - a little "red" as the sulpher lighting in the gym wasn't being helpful (neither was the fact that I forgot the regular camera and had to use my cell phone camera - awesome as it is - it doesn't have any "lighting" help!!)

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