Had a wonderful Christmas Break!

We had a wonderful 5 day weekend for Christmas. Spent quite a bit of time on the road, but enjoyed seeing family and some old friends. Here is a quick pictoral peak at the Oz Family Christmas journeys and adventures. Sorry - I uploaded these picts kind of out of order - but that makes for a nice dizzying array - just like our actual weekend!!!

Cookies and water for Santa?? Yup, Santa would rather have water according to the King. Of course, the King likes Berry Flavored water so that may have something to do with it!!

Nothing like playing a new game, given to you by Grandma on Christmas Eve. It is even more fun when you are playing with your brother and your favorite cousin 'Lyssa!

It's hard to wait for presents sometimes.....are you sure there is one under the tree for me mom??? (Yes little one, Mom was sure that Grandma and all of your aunts and uncles put presents under the tree for you!!)

"This is the Coooooooolest" declares the king (and the Cadet - although he is way tooooooo cool to admit it), Thanks Uncle Rick and Aunt Joanie! (Note the cars racing down the track! Tres cool!)

What could cause this look of amazement on the Cadet on Christmas Morning? It could be that he holds in his hands the keys to his new car - we gave him the MGB. (It paves the way for me to get back to my dreams of a Midget!!! Plus, I pulled the "I reserve the right to drive it when I want!!

The cadet, and his father's, new obsession. Very funny show. I could definitely see my sister and her hubby over at Casa DeDuckfeet enjoying this one tremendously. Physics humor, and lots of hilarious "when geeks meet real life" humor. Check it out C (if you haven't already). It is a sitcom of all of the guys you ever met at MIT!

BIBLEMAN ACTION FIGURES! This rocks. I can't wait to show my cousin Aiden! He will LOVE these!

One of the Cadet's other obsessions. Boondock Saints. (Whatever!). He just had to have the hoodie with the prayer on the back. Sigh. My Goth/6 Varsity Letter/Physics and Bio Chem loving/broadway show singing Son. Definitely a study in contrasts!

The Christmas Tree with Cookies for Santa - all ready for the Jolly old Elf's arrival. I think this was the last time the Living Room was actually clean!!!!

Here is the sleep king checking out his Santa pile! Still very sleepy (Dad and the Cadet roused him from a sleepy sleep - he didn't drop off on Christmas eve until just before Midnight). Santa thought he had been very good!

All in all, it was a fun Christmas full of fun, food, and laughter. Hope yours was a blessed one too! (Oh, and Santa thought I was good too - brought me an Acer netbook - which means now there is NO excuse for not updating the blog more often!!)


The Girl Next Door said...

OH NO YOu Didn't - you have him the Car?!!!! YOu are the best mom ever. Ever. Ever. Just do NOT tell my kids what you did... Or else.

JO said...

Oh yes I did! Can't say that I am the best mom ever - let alone ever. ever. ever. Besides - as I said - now I can begin plotting the purchase of a future mg midget!