Oh Christmas Tree......Oh Christmas Treeeeeee....

The Christmas Tree finally made it up - It was sitting bare since last weekend (just like the family over at casa de duckfeet) and the King assisted me this morning in putting the "speshul ormanets" on it!

Speaking of speshul ormanets, I thought I would share a few from our tree - these are the ones that mean something to one or another of the Oz clan! (Okay, mostly me...but...ya know!)

Awww. The King was around 18 months when his class made this one for me. Okay - so the teacher did the work - but awwww. If you could even see it closer you would realize that the King had a red nose from a cold - which makes it that much more adorable!

Amazing how much the Cadet looks like the king in the tree above huh!

Here are two - the glass oval reads "First Christmas, 1988" which makes it - oh - 20 years old this year! Awwwww. And the soldier underneath it? A cadet here at the school gifted "Captain Oz" with it and Capt. Oz was most touched!

Just a few! Hope your Christmas season is going brightly.
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dkuroiwa said...

There must be something in the air that is prohibiting the putting up of trees this year...I just got ours up last weekend!
Love your "speshul ornments"...those are the ones that make a tree just that much better, I think.
And...we may have bought the same set of soft snowman ornaments...your's with the green scarf looks familiar!!!
Happy holidays to you and your family!! May it be filled with love, laughter, and lots and lots of good things to eat!!