The Best Laid Plans.....

This weekend was shaping up to be quite a busy one. The Cadet had a wrestling meet around 30 miles away from here tonight, then another tomorrow 45 minutes to this side of downtown Chicago. Then, finally we were planning on heading over to Toledo on Sunday to attend visitation for my brother-in-law-in-law's mother's viewing/funeral (you know, we here in the US need a word for my sister in law's husband - the best I can come up with is BiLiL - hmm, maybe that is the word! Bill-ill and Sill-ill).

All in all it was to be a bunch of fun time in the car...not too much time at home to get anything accomplished.

Of course...the best laid plans of mice and men, and all...

Here is what is is happening instead of the busyness that was already planned:

That's right - snowboarding down the hill on the King's new Christmas snowboard. Note that the snow is still flying!

Yeah, mother nature had other plans for us. 3 inches down - around 10 more expected before tomorrow night.

Perhaps the living room will finally be finished, and the Christmas tree will finally come down this weekend - rather than 600 more miles being put on the ol car.

Thanks Mother Nature - at least this time you sent a significant snowfall when I didn't have to drive early the next morning!!

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