Day 2 - To Do List Done for the Day

When we first moved up here. The King's room was used as a place to store things. The change in locale for him was a difficult one, and he was having some separation issues, so we found it easier for him (read US!) to get some sleep by putting his toddler bed in our room (which was large enough), and to use "his room" as a place for boxes and the like.

Over time, his room was cleaned, then re-cluttered, then cleaned, then recluttered. It truly was a lather, rinse repeat scenario. Then, when we moved the Cadet home out of the barracks earlier this semester, the room again became too cluttered with his crap (yeah - seriously - crap) to even consider making it a "room" for the King.

But to be truly honest and forthright, it has been just laziness and procrastination (there is my bane again) that has kept him in our room - ya know - for 14 months.

Until today that is. I put "Clear out and clean the King's room, and get him moved in there by the end of the day" on the list. This room isn't that big - but let me tell you, it was an all day (ad)venture.

I will spare you the "before" picture - but want to say

Now presenting - The King and His New Room! And I get a big ol' check mark in the "Ta DONE" column for today!

Only 363 more things to accomplish!

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dkuroiwa said...

Okay...so here's the deal...I'm going to leave your post on my computer and it will be my incentive to get the boys' room cleaned up...it may take a while and I need all the "see, I did it, you can,too" kind of pep-post I can get!!
Good job, Mom!!
now...go relax...you deserve it!!