Hmmm....a New Recipe!

Over on Facebook, one of my friends was looking for suggestions as to how to ensure she was able to partake in something that she had cooked before her four daughters and hubby ate it all. While I didn't have any suggestions in that realm, as my two XX Chromosomes manage to override the 3XY's that I have in the house (they live in fear of the double X - I might go all female on them!), I lamented that my family has the "1 thing left problem". You know the issue - you don't take the last of any 1 thing without checking with anyone, and nobody checks, therefore I have boxes in my cupboard (and fridge) with just 1 thing left in them.

That brought me to the new Recipe! Given that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, I am going to make a party mix here in OzLand. Here is the plan:

1 dorito, 1 pretzel, 1 Chocolate Chip Cookie, 1 Marshmallow, 1 Pop Tart, 1 fruit snack, 1 fruit rollup, 1 oreo, 1 piece of cheese, 1 piece of bread, 1 fun size snicker bar, all mixed with the very last piece of my sanity.

MMMM. Feel free to substitute your own Onesies in your party mix tomorrow!

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