Last Night's Wrestling

Last night, the Cadet wrestled against the cross town rival public school. He was pleasantly surprised when he looked on the sidelines before the meet started, and saw his Uncle Gary (Captain Oz's cousin) who had travelled over from Toledo to check out the Cadet on the mat! Where Uncle Gary goes, so does his high quality camera as well as his outstanding photography skills! So complements of Gary....here are a few pictures commemorating the evening!

What a cutie Pie - great photographer...great subject matter!

What? You are actually catching Mr. and Mrs. Oz together? Wow huh!

The Cadet waiting on the sidelines, getting ready for his match

The cadet wrestled a very tough match, against a very aggressive and quick opponent. After much back and forth, both on the mat and in points, and through three periods of struggle, unfortunately, the Cadet suffered a loss via points (8-11). He wrestled well though and Uncle Gary gave him some awesome pointers that he was looking forward to taking into his match today. He was thoroughly thrilled to have spent the time with Gary, and is hoping to spend more time getting major pointers! (Oh, and Uncle Gary...the 135 put into play in tonights match your discussion with him of Exploding up and capturing the arm - and was highly successful! You need to head back for a clinic or two with these boys before Sectionals!!)

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