Lazy Sundays

The boys are spending Sunday being lazy. The King is off in his room playing, the Cadet is off in his room watching a movie, Captain Oz isn't being so lazy - he is working. And me? I am ADHD cleaning. By nature, I am not ADHD, but am feeling like that is the only way I am going to get this house picked up! Put in a load of dishes. Clean up some toys in the living room. Rotate a load of laundry. Empty some pop cans. Put in more dishes. Do trash patrol. Fold some laundry. Play on the computer for a minute or two. Change out a shower curtain. Pick up some more garbage. Sort some mail. Rotate laundry. Getting the picture?

So when it comes to a lazy sunday...not me....not today. Just ADHDing it over here. (Oh, and I am happy that the boys are in their rooms - easier for me to fly around the house without even more distraction or mess!!)

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Carol P. said...

This is how I usually clean, because I'm always being interrupted by helpers.

Well, OK, bathrooms I generally get all done in one fell swoop because gross! otherwise. But if I had time to totally do a single job, I'd be doing something else...

verfword is squat. Which, when paired with "doodly" is how much of the bathroom I've cleaned so far today. Guess which chore is next on my Sunday list?