The Power of 10....and what it can do!

Mathemeticians in the family understand the power of 10. I will have to admit, that I never really did. I couldn't even really explain it to you now (hey sis, shhhhhh..I don't want to know! Something about a number multiplied by itself 10 times or something..right? Yeah..right.

I decided to investigate my own little "power of 10" tonight to see what it could do for me. Of course, I had to Mrs. Oz it up a little though. No math - just time....

I decided that, even though I am as beat as a rag during a German Housefrau's rampage, (I really ought to have my thyroid checked you know??), I would spend 10 minutes cleaning this sty, then 10 minutes surfing the web, watching tv, or something else, then 10 minutes cleaning, then ten minutes doing whatever....for the evening.

Hmm...10 can be pretty powerful. So far, since arriving home from work, I have accomplished:

Loading the dishwasher (only one more load to go for the evening!!)
Cleaning half of the living room
Clearing out the empty pop cans that my eldest believes MUST reside on the coffee table
Loading up the van with garbage to drop off on my way to dinner at the Mess Hall
Putting in one load of whites (including hitting the bleach cycle!!!)
Rotating the Whites to the dryer and put in a load of colors
Doing a quick pickup with the King of his room to return it to a thing a beauty!

Still a whole lot more to do, but at least I am feeling like I am accomplishing something tonight. And that, my friends, is the true power of 10 to me - it accomplishes something - when I am dog tired and could, quite frankly, just hit the bed if I didn't have a four year old and a sixteen year old!

Rock on Power of 10 - Rock on!

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Carol P. said...

Congratulations on all the accomplishments! 10 is a glorious number, even if you're tired. Oh, and can you charge the cadet per pop-can?

(Psssst: I'm a computer geek, so I groove on powers of 2 these days, particularly in the tera/peta/exa -- tebi/pebi/exbi if you're being precise -- scale... The lowly 2 is such a powerful thing??)