Too much testosterone in the room

Last night, after the Cadet's wrestling meet, Captain Oz, the Cadet, the King, Uncle Gary (whom you will meet below if you dont' already know him!), Mr. Pierson and Mr. Wills (friends and coworkers at the school), along with yours truly wandered on out to a local microbrewery for some dinner.

Four members of our party are single guys. (Clue, not me, Capt Oz or Uncle Gary!!). The Microbrewery had quite a few lovely waitresses, a point which was not lost on all four of the boys. Of course, the waitresses only made up to one of them. That would be the King. What is not to like...he is blond...his parents have "money" (mostly because he has NONE), he is chaufferred everywhere he goes, he is quick to smile, engaging to a fault, and has no ounce of fear in talking to anyone - girls included!


Discussions ensued as to the potential use of one cute four year old to garner future dates. (I think the king's social schedule is going to get busier with offers of dinners out, movies and the like from the three other single men at the table)

Which brings me to the title of this post. There was certainly too much testosterone in the room last night.

During all of the attention being paid to the King by three different waitresses, the cadet chatted quietly with the King and convinced him that he needed to try out a pick up line on the waitresses. The King acted a bit embarrassed by the thought. Little did I know though, that he wasn't all THAT embarrassed!

As we were preparing to leave, the manly men at the table (you know, the ones who are planning on using the four year old as a pick up charm) asked the King if he was going to walk over and personally say goodbye to his girlfriends (the waitresses), who were seated nearby working on closing out their evening. The King hopped up and wandered over. And he following ensued:

(GALES of Laughter by the waitresses)
Waitress #2 to Bartender Waitress: "Did you hear that??"
Bartender Waitress: "What"
Waitress #2: "He told me 'I've lost my phone number, can I have yours?"
Gales of Laughter by the Waitresses and all of the men (single or married) at our table

And a second later, the King came back to the table proudly displaying a small piece of paper....

So recorded for posterity...the King with his first official set of "digits". Yeah.

Oh, and I punched the Cadet in the shoulder on our way out (which again caused gales of laughter amongst the men with us).
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