Winter Cold....

I don't think that I need to tell you that Winter Colds stink. When you catch them, you are already chilly, and the low grade fever that accompanies them makes it that much more, well, freaking cold.

No remedy (Zicam, Vitamin C, Tylenol Cold, honey, and on and on) seems to want to touch this Winter Yuck that I seemed to have picked up from the kids upon their return to the school. Of course, it isn't like it is one of those killer colds you catch - it is one of those annoying ones. You know the kind. You are tired, but not enough to nap. Your throat hurts, but only first thing in the morning. You have a cough, but it seems like it is from drainage (TMI huh!). Your nose is runny - but not stuffed . You know, annoying like I said.

Of course, I managed to use the cold too procrastinate getting anything done for the weekend though. Can't pass up a perfectly good oppy to do that!

Oh, and our final snow total? Around 10". Enough to make me feel like not wanting to leave the house too much - but not enough to make me totally housebound. Perfect for the likes of this Winter Cold chick. But that is okay, later this week they are calling for highs around 4 degrees, and lows in the negative - so then you will really hear me complain about Winter Cold.

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