Wow! (Warning - more than slightly political)

Okay, so here is an ad by Catholicvote.com that was rejected by NBC for the superbowl tomorrow. They say NBC and NFL aren't interested in "political advocacy or issues." Does that mean we won't see United Way commercials on NBC and that the alliance will be broken with the NFL?


Anonymous said...

Interesting ad. I'm not sure that the Super Bowl is the right place for something like this, but then again, what is the "right" place? More importantly, what about freedom of speech? Who is to say that this should be banned, but throwing a crystal ball at your boss's, uh, anyway... who is to say what should and shouldn't be worth the $3 million ad space?

Thanks for sharing this!


The Girl Next Door said...

Wow no freakin' way. I must read the paper more. What a powerful ad. People are afraid of the truth sometimes.