Wrestling, Wrestling and More Wrestling!

As promised earlier today, the next few posts will be filled with wrestling, wresting and more wrestling! Since last Saturday, the Cadet has wrestled in 7 matches. Not too shabby huh!
Tonight he faced a tough opponent from White's School. This wrestler was intimidating, simply in his musculature! He made quick work of the cadet (for the second time this year) with a pin in a minute and 10 seconds, managed to aggravate the cadet's finger (see below for more information - the last time these two met, he managed to sprain the Cadet's wrist...you know..the last copay paid back in December!). The Cadet is thinking of bulking up this summer - but was still pleased with his performance.

Oh, and lest you think that the Cadet has changed since playing hockey, I am here to tell you..Nope! He still chats with the other team (and told me that he and the gent from Whites chat at every meet!). Mr Friendly...yup, that's my boy!

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