Hittin the Snowy Runs

Much like last year, around this time, yesterday, we packed the boys up and headed off to the Toboggan Runs at Pokhagen State Park. Unlike last year, it was snowing to beat the band! But it did make for a beautiful backdrop as we were awaiting a turn at heading down the big hill.

Given that it was cold and snowing, the boys (Captain Oz, the King, the Cadet, a Second Cadet who is hanging out here for Winter Break, and one of the Cadet's friends) decided that one trip down the hill being pelted in the face by driving snow was more than enough. (Perhaps it was also the 1/4 mile walk back dragging the toboggan as well?)

Either way, they all enjoyed the trip down the hill, and hanging out together.

Enjoy the (few) pics I took!

The King hanging out in line making funny faces because Mom has a camera.

The two cadets and a girl friend (hiding behind my cadet in front). Unfortunately, the camera didn't time well for a pic of Captain Oz and the King.

The long walk back with the two cadets, friend, Mr. Oz and Spider Man.

(Note that we had NO snow at 6:00 a.m. and this was take around 11:30 a.m. The folks at the park said it was falling at about an inch an hour when we were there).
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