Parents Weekend

Sorry for the silence over in Oz land. I have been trying to shake this back ache, complete a soft goods inventory at work, and get ready for parents weekend.

Keepin busy as usual!


dkuroiwa said...

Sorry to hear the back is still causing you trouble...I'm one for running to the acupuncture lady when that happens! and then a hot bath or hot springs and then....I'm muuuuuuuch better!!
Sending you pain-free thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, JO! This is Jennifer H -- used to work at Schwartz with you for a brief period in 2005-2006. Email me at my yahoo acct. Just "ms" followed by my first initial and full last name (rhymes with ford) at yahoo.com. Been trying to get up with you for awhile!!!

The Girl Next Door said...

Feel Better Cuz!