Total Potty Humor....

Warning, this is total potty humor.

The King called me into the bathroom to um, assist him in cleaning up after a particularly "rough" time...

I oh so casually said to him..."Wow...you must really had to go.."

"I had to poo because of my food Mom"

"I guess so - is that where your food goes King?"

"Yup, poo and pee" And then a pause and then.....

" Poo Pee mommy POO PEE"

...and hysterical giggles from the four year old - who inadvertently made his very first bathroom joke AND understood that he made a bathroom joke. Yes...he definitely has a Y chromosome.

Sigh. I am surrounded. (But not willing to surrender)

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The Girl Next Door said...

OMG this is so totally hysterical. One of the great things about boys is that you can scold them for this potty mouth humor (when they're a little older) while secretly laughing your butt off. so glad I have one boy! (one boy, the girl keeps me sane!)