txtN n Teens

(For the Younger Generation.....if you are over the age of 24, you might want to just start further down the page)

Oz +I lst nyt wr teazN d teens @ r table @ <) Hut. hre wr 3 teens, sittN ryt nxt 2 ea oder, n txtN ea oder on their cell fons. I recogniZ dat mnE kdz 2day uz txtN as a wA 2 avoid havN their convos overherd by their parNts, bt seriSly, deez kdz wr ryt nxt 2 ea oder. hs d art of QSO 100% gon by d wayside?

I cn C d fucha. Boy meets gal. Boy txtz gal. dey d8. Boy asks girl's dad f dey cn wed via txt msg. Boy asks gal 2 wed him via txt. Minister givs vows via txt msg. Boy n gal av a bb born W hs own QWERTY keybord.

nt 2 mention d en teacher's lament dat texting S bastardizing d lang 2day! r "for sure", "like totally", n "like OMG" had Ø on deez kdz. Heaven hlp us ll.

(For us older folks who have no idea what the heck all of that is above...here is the translation!)

Captain Oz and I last night were teasing the teens at our table at Pizza Hut. Here were three teenagers, sitting RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, and texting each other on their cell phones.

I recognize that many kids today use texting as a way to avoid having their conversations overheard by their parents, but seriously, these kids were right next to each other. Has the art of conversation completely gone by the wayside?

I can see the future. Boy meets girl. Boy texts girl. They date. Boy asks girl's father if they can marry via text message. Boy asks girl to marry him via text. Minister gives vows via text message. Boy and girl have a baby born with his own QWERTY keyboard.

Not to mention the english teacher's lament that text messaging is bastardizing the language today! Our "for sure", "like totally", and "like Oh My God" had nothing on these kids. Heaven help us all.

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