What is this in the plans??

It has been many a moon since a real vacation was taken in the Merry Land of Oz. Sure we have wandered over to T-town many times, but visiting family, as glorious as it is, isn't always a relaxing and interesting vacation. In fact, I think our last vacation was the Ohio River Journey threeish years ago - and even then, it was a Mom and two boys for the majority of the trip.

Therefore, it is time for a vacation proper. It will still involve visiting family and friends - but it is family and friends that we don't get to see nearly enough!

Capt Oz, the Cadet and the King have been woefully untraveled when it comes to one locale - the Capitol of this great nation. None of them have ever marvelled at the Gardens of Stone, Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian, the Vietnam Wall, the Washington Monument, the White House....the list goes on and on.

Given that Capt Oz's brother, the Lt. Colonel, lives just outside the DC metro area, and given that my favorite cousin lives just outside the metro area (hi Girl Next Door!), and given that one of my true buds from High School lives just outside the metro area (Hi Steve and Jeannette!), it is the perfect time to road trip it over to DC and see what is going on in "Change Central".

So in late March, during spring break, the Ozlanders will be heading out of the northern clime, and into the more (hopefully!) temperate climes of the MD, DC, VA area for a dose of family, friends, and National Monuments and a restaurant that gives more than a fair nod to (of all things) The University of Michigan (Blue Arbor in Occoquan).

(Our vacation should have a name...like The Oz Fam Goes to Washington, only something wayyyy cooler.....)

That being said - let the planning begin! WHOO HOO!

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