A Fun Little Story.....

A fun little story of one of the happenings in DC with the family.

We were out on a beautiful day with one of my oldest and dearest friends from High School - Steve Power. We had finished viewing the Smithsonian Air and Space Annex at Dulles Airport, and I asked what would turn out to be a somewhat ill-fated question.

How about we do a drive by of The Capitol Building. The Cadet would love to see it more closely.

Recognizing that we were just about to head into rush hour, our wonderful driver and host Steve gamely said "Sure! Let's Do it".

And off we went.

30 minutes later, we were heading down Constitution Avenue towards the Capitol. Mr. Oz leans around to the back seat and says to me, "Just a Drive By Right?"

Right! I said.

The cadet now looks so disappointed, which leads me to want to give the usual parental explanation while we are stopped at the light at Third and Constitution.

Cadet, you just can't stop in front of the Capitol Building.

And we round the corner.

And we hear a racket coming from the right front end.

Mr. Oz looks at Steve and they both say "It sounds like a flat tire".

(Mind you it is now truly the start of the killer rush hour).

Steve pulls over - because amazingly there is an open space on the right, just at the edge of the mall and the boys get out to investigate.

Yes indeedy - a flat tire. Nice huh!

Even nicer? Check out our Tire Changing View.

So remember Cadet (who took this very very nice picture while he was awaiting the change of tire....)

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The Girl Next Door said...

LOL the extremes you will go to so that your Son gets what he wants! You're killing me!

JO said...

Yeah. I am good like that! Its the power of Mom - scary sometimes huh!

It was funny, the Cadet decided that it was "Divine Intervention" and that God wanted him to see the Capitol Building "up close and personal". God even included a soundtrack for us, as there was an evangelical christian rock band playing 50 feet away in a tent at the end of the Mall. I got everyone laughing when, during a 1 and a half minute guitar solo that seemed to go on and on, I quipped "Ya know - Jesus always loves a good guitar solo".