Grim...simply grim....

When these guys roll into your area (13 semi's helping over 5,000 families) show up in your area, you know the economic times are hard. Very Hard.

When the Feed the Children trucks arrive heralded by the headline that yet another major manufacturer has declared bankruptcy putting another ten nails in the RV coffin (the first ten came thanks to Monaco Coach - this round brought to you by our friends at Fleetwood), you can know for certain that the regional economy is grim - very grim. Yes I understand that the economy is "bad all over". It is just particularly ugly around here - and not likely to get better any time soon.

Just thought you would like to hear it from the trenches of an industry that was allowed to fail. Sure it doesn't have the "importance" of the banking or automobile industry, but it has resulted in job losses of almost 200K throughout the country between the manufacturers as well as the ancillary providers. That is 5% of the 4 million folks on the unemployment rolls. Grim. Very Grim.

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