It's in the blood

You can take the boy out of Kentucky..but you can't take the Kentucky outta the boy.

On our way home this fine chilly evening, the Kentucky born and bred King and I were busy counting horses in the fields that were "wearing their blankeys" because of the cold.

Out of the Blue(grass), comes a voice from the back of the van.

"Mommy, when I ride in the Derby, I am going to win".

Derby? This kid hasn't been near a Derby, or Derby celebration in over half his life!! (Two years, and he is only.four.) Seriously, we were only counting "Horseys in Blankeys"...no one said anything about Derby!

"Really? That would be good Little One".

"Mommy, will you and Daddy cheer for me when I ride in the Derby?".

"Of course! Dad and I would cheer for you no matter what the sport".

"Okay" (Pause) "Mommy, when will I be old enough to ride in the Derby??"

Good question little King, good question.

Oh, and knowing that you will want to bet on the correct horse - watch for the King on "Buck Jam". Yeah. That will be his horse's name. Why? Well, "he will buck and crash through the traffic jam". Actually, it isn't a half bad name for a horse - even if the four year old thought it up! I should look and see if a Buck Jam ever raced (or is in line to race in the next couple of years)

As I said before, you can take the boy outta Kentucky......

Update - I checked the jockey club registry - there has been no horse named Buck Jam - nor is the name on Reserve. There is still time king...there is still time!

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