Randomly catching up...

I have nothing really major to post, which in and of itself is always a good thing I guess. Therefore, I thought I would just toss off a few random things for your reading enjoyment.

  1. The winner of the 2008 copay challenge - 2008 brought 27 copays total into the ol' Land of Oz for the Cadet. Therefore, I am pleased (not really pleased..but you know what I am sayin) to say that The Girl Next Door wins the 2008 Copay challenge with her original prediction of 26 copays. (Sorry my brother - your optimistic prediction of 18 was just that - optimistic). The prize? Haven't figured that out yet. I was thinking of sending crutches as the prize, but realized that, with his track record, we just might need them!

  2. The Para-Influenza that seems to have hit campus is an ugly one. The King woke Friday morning with a 101 temp, and it raged on through yesterday, at times heading north of 102. Tis still too early this morning and he is still asleep, but I am wondering what today will hold...good thing Capt Oz is off tomorrow - as I really don't need to be off work with a sick little guy during this economic climate.

  3. Speaking of Economic Climates - this area still "wins" in the old Unemployment Rate challenge. Major news outlets, when they report the national unemployment figures, also give their aside of "and E. County is reporting an Unemployment number of _____"(fill in the ugly blank!). Last month it was 18.3%, but when you factor back in those who have fallen off the Unemployment rolls (on longer than 6 months) and those who have taken part time work because they couldn't find full time, the rate is north of 25%. Yes, around 1 in 4 are unemployed. As one pundit put it "No area in the United States has seen the complete collapse of an entire industry like Indiana has with the RV Industry". That is true...that.is.true. I anticipate that my company will be doing more layoffs - who knows if I will survive that one.

  4. Cool Books - I have spent the last 24 hours reading a series books written by Paticia Hochstetler about growing up in an Amish-Jewish sect (read cult). Pretty interesting non-fiction (a lot more heady and dark than my last read of "Shopaholic & Sister" by Sophie Kinsey). Interesting stuff.

  5. The Cadet is again on the honor roll with a 3.3 grade average. This is pretty awesome given his early academic struggles. It is more awesome to me given that his courseload would be enough to make many other students blanche - Physics, BioChem, Geometry (they take their math in a weird series, he has already gone through Alg I and II), German III, LET (leadership training for ROTC), along with two High School standards - English and American World History. Way to go Cadet, way.to.go!!

  6. "Springing Forward" - Just in time for the changing of the clocks, the weather here has become far more spring-like. I am not silly enough to believe that it is a permanent move towards spring yet, but the temps in the 50's and 60's sure have been appreciated by me. By Wednesday, we will be back in the 30's, so I am enjoying the warmer temps for now. (Even if they do come with rain!!!).

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The Girl Next Door said...

Wow - I've never been quite so sad to win a contest! I hope this year sees much fewer copays.

We're giving you a run for your moeny here. Au has been to the Dr twice in a week, sinusitis and conjunctivitis. We already did the flu 2 weeks ago...sigh.
And the economy? Ugh. I survied the layoffs at the firm this week. It's a bleak place to be...