Yay - It's Bruised

The Cadet's bone in his foot is only bruised. Yay! And he got to see his favorite ortho! (I told his nurse that we ought to just make Dr. G his primary physician - I know he is only into bones, but since he IS a doctor, I am sure he could randomly diagnose a strep throat or two....).

Beyond that, today was kind of a weird day. Having to take the Cadet to the Drs this morning meant I was into work late. Of course, I was logged into the system at 6:15 this morning, so I guess I wasn't that late.

Of course, arriving physically at the office late meant that I felt like I spent the entire day behind the eight ball. Add to the feeling that one of our largest customers decided to terminate their entire workforce - it made for a dicey day.

After departing for the day, it was time to head home and pick up the Cadet and another Cadet from the barracks to attend a funeral viewing of a dear admissions counselor from the school who passed away suddenly on Saturday.

A quick trip to walmart, a quick dinner - and then home - FINALLY.

Thankfully this day is over...while its blessings were many (as they are every day), I am still thankful when "rough ones" like this are over.

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The Girl Next Door said...

so did I win last year's copay contest?!