Culinary Fun

Every so often, I get the culinary bug, and decide to step outside of my "normal" dinners of Chop Suey, Italian (lasagna, spaghetti, you know, red sauce, meat and noodles), Taco Casserole, Mac and Cheese and Hamburgers, Macaroni Mistake (a error filled combination of two recipes I made when the Cadet was about 4 and needed me for something - surpisingly, it ended up to be pretty tasty!)...the usual quick, easy standard fare around here.

Capt. Oz loves it when I step outside my normal zone - and this weekend he has really been loving it. Had you stopped by this weekend, you could have joined us for any of the following....

Jambalya with New Orleans Sausage
Browned Butter and Pine Nut Tortellini with wilted spinach
Home made bruschetta with a balsamic glaze
Feta, Spinach, Mushroom and Garlic stuffed Chicken Breasts with Rice Pilaf and steamed veggies

Yeah - it has been a tasty weekend in Oz land. Perhaps the "benefit" of possibly losing my job will be that I have more time to cook, bake and provide healthier alternatives to the family!

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