Life is Grand.....

  • The taxes are filed - Finally.  With no thanks to Indiana's I-File system.  I am not complaining ((okay, maybe I am), as Indiana offers a free online tax software and free filing, but sheesh - could their servers perhaps be bumped up during the last rush to file (the final two days).  I mean come on!  Most of Indiana seems like it is unemployed - could you not make the tax filing process a little simpler??
  • The sun is shining and we are supposed to hit 60 degrees today.  I feel blessed that Spring may actually be (finally arriving).
  • The laundry is spin, spin, spinning away.  I kind of let it go for the past week, so have built up more of a "stash" than I like - but that is okay.
  • Of course, if Laundry is spin spin spinning, that means that I must be home - on a Thursday?  Yup.  Am feeling a little poorly and will be hitting the doc later today.  Am thinking that I am suffering from a bladder infection - but we shall see. 
  • I only have one more library book to find - then I can return the overdue books.  Sigh.  Normally I am on top of this, but the last week or so has been a little crazy with Easter, a new product line at the office (purses - using obsolete fabric - and we have been getting a ton of press about it!).  I give thanks though that it isn't 5 library books to find!
All in all, life is just "grand".  Hope your corner of the world is good as well!

(by the way, the image is courtesy of NASA and was found late last week.  It has been titled "Hand of God" as ...well...it is pretty obvious why.  This universe is one AWESOME place - and whether your mindset on the universe is Secular, Scientific or Religious, it is pretty easy to see that an it was an Awesome (p)(P)ower that created it!)

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