Of Baseball and Spring.....

The cadet had his first baseball game on Thursday. Caught a few pics in the warmup before the game started.

After that, I put the camera down to enjoy the low 60's temps and the game in front of me. The Cadet played second base for the first inning, making the final out offensively, then moved to Right Field, where he proceeded to make the final out in the Second Inning as well.

Sadly, the King wouldn't "be kind" and insisted on running around the area (read back and forth across the road) so I only got to catch about 4 innings before tiring of having to correct the King, but enjoyed what I saw.

Today, spring seemed to take on a more summer-like quality with highs in the mid seventies and nary a cloud in the sky. What a beautiful day! And while I should have been doing household chores, the lure of a fresh, clean spring day was too great and we packed up the boys to head up to Sturgis, MI to check out a "new to us" park. The king was most impressed by the enormous play structure with lots to do, and the King and the Cadet were also enamored with the modified "tire" swing.

After enjoying some park time, it was off to Dairy Queen for the first ice cream of the spring/summer season. Dontcha just love it?! Of course, the Spring Gods of northern indiana dictate that, at least for a couple of weeks, this is the last "nice day" - temps dropping back into the 50s, rain, cold...you know....true Spring! Can't wait until after Mother's Day - when the weather gets to be slightly more predictable around here!
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The Girl Next Door said...

Ah yes, DQ and Spring!! Remember Dilly Bars at Gram Faison's?!

Loved the photos.

JO said...

I do indeed remember Dilly Bars at Gram Faisons!! Of course, I am sure our older siblings remember more than dilly bars, since my older sibs (sans CP) lived on the hill behind the DQ for a while.

I miss those days!