A whole lotta random......

Random is good right? Well, as exhausted as I am right now - I have to tell you - random is the only thing I got!

Wonderful Family, Wonderful Fellowship - For the past five days, the Ozlanders have had the true pleasure of hosting Captain Oz's brother, the Colonel, his wife A, and our niece and Nephew A and, well, A! They were in town house hunting - yes you heard me right - house hunting! Oh God is good! He is bringing the two Osenbaugh boys (not mine, my wonderful Mom (in law) to the same town! He is bringing a cousin for the King to hang with! He is bringing me a Sister! We enjoyed their visit tremendously - beyond tremendously - and can't wait until the relocation process is complete!

Horrible Economy, Horrible Leadership - The decision came down yesterday via a visit by our CEO (all the way from Florida, where they do nothing in the way of manufacturing anything - other than ideas for us to chase our tails!) that the soft goods division of my company is closing effective May 8. Where this leaves me, I do not know (I am Accounts Receivable for both the soft goods division and the shade division). I may be part of the layoff, I may not. I sit and await the word from "on high". So why Horrible Leadership? My company started a new "DI Bag" division which was just taking off (QVC has an order in.....) and it is all simply gone. Couldn't they have reined in the horses that brought on this new product line only three short weeks ago? Why was everyone spinning their wheels again?

Schedules are fun, Fun is Relative - Tomorrow a.m., bright and early, the Cadet has a double header baseball game, that starts a mere 15 minutes after the start of the King's first soccer game. (Cue the Gomer Pyle Voice) Surprise Surprise Surprise both boys want Mom at their game telling me "on the sly" that the other one won't mind. My boys. Wouldn't take a million bucks for them, wouldn't give a plug nickel for another one just like them.

Glorious Weekend, Glorious Family Time - Captain Oz is off both days this weekend. Yay! That means my hubby is home at the same time I am. w00t!

Night all!

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